Twinkly Twenty: Birnam Arts Ballet School at Birnam Arts
Wed 29 Mar
Twinkly Twenty | Auditorium
17:30 - 19:00
Doors Open 17:00

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March 2023

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Simone Kenyon, Alicia Escott, Heidi Quante, Christina Riley and Katherine Fay Allan

1 Jul - 28 Aug 2022


nATURE Exhibition Gallery
The Nature Library by Christina Riley
Bureau of Linguistical Reality Alicia Escott Heidi Quante
How the Earth Must See Itself
Into the Mountain' project by Simone Kenyon,
nATURE Exhibition
nATURE Exhibition

‘nATURE’ is an exploration of the disembodied relationship and sense of separation we feel from the rest of nature. Through this collective of sculptural installations, Artist Talk events and workshops, ‘nATURE’ seeks to remind us of our kinship with the more-than-human. Each artist approaches the subject in a curious and insightful way from creating neologisms encapsulating this experience, curating a reference library and reading space connecting people to land, sky and sea, a collaborative composition of insect and vocal recordings, to documentation of a place sensitive performance project in the Cairngorms, nATURE offers ways to reimagine our relationship with nature,?not as a separate space but as parts of one ecosystem. Simone Kenyon (Into the Mountain), Alicia Escott and Heidi Quante (The Bureau of Linguistical Reality), Christina Riley (The Nature Library) and Katherine Fay Allan (Insect Mimicry: a call for interspecies empathy).

About the artist

The Nature Library was created in 2019 as a reference library and reading space with the aim of connecting people to land, sky and sea. Rather than being an escape from the “real world”, the acts of both spending time in nature and reading a book are in fact the opposite. They demand our attention; a conscious choice to take the route into the world rather than escaping from it. Whether by painting dazzling scenes, captivating us with stories of flourishing flora and intelligent fauna, or exploring our own place amidst a changing climate, the books in The Nature Library turn our eyes to the complexities of the natural world one word at a time. 

Katherine Fay Allan is an interdisciplinary artist, researcher and creative facilitator based in Edinburgh. Her practice aims to encourage discussions around the human condition in conjunction with nature and technology; through emotive, honest works inspired by lived events. 

Themes that are regularly present are embodiment, ecology, organic materials and therapeutic practices. Katherine produces predominantly installations composed of sculptural pieces, performance and sound works. She is interested in the cross roads between art, life sciences and philosophy. Bringing these areas of research together allows her to produce works that discuss health and illness subjectively while exploring potential outputs that provide cathartic experiences. 

The Bureau of Linguistical Reality is a participatory artwork by artists Alicia Escott and Heidi Quante that collaborates with the public to create new words to describe the emotions and experiences our species is having around climate change and other Anthropogenic events.  The Bureau facilitates conversations and cross pollination between diverse disciplines to identify feelings, experiences and phenomena for which no words yet exist and together coin neologisms to name and begin to collectively discuss these experiences. The Bureau sees the words created in this process as points of connectivity to further understanding, dialogue and conversations in the world about the greater climate change phenomena these words seek to codify.  

Simone Kenyon is an artist, choreographer and movement practitioner. For over 20 years she has worked across theatre, performance and dance that embraces the complex interrelationships of movement, people and place. 

Her approach explores ideas of expanded choreographies; encompassing dance, ecology, cultural geographies and walking arts to create events for both urban and rural contexts. Working with modes of attention, embodied knowledge and somatic sensitivity to frame audience experiences, is a key aspect within this multi lensed approach to performance making and encounters. 

Her recent project Into the Mountain explored over six years the physical, cultural, social and more-than-human entanglements to mountainous environments. With a year- long programme of curated events, workshops and culminating in a site related performance experience within the Cairngorms Mountains in Northeast Scotland. 

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We had not planned to present a hybrid festival, however that changed when one of our main authors tested positive for Covid. I greatly appreciated how the team worked with us to pivot and present remotely in part, making full use of your enhanced video conferencing equipment. As a result, we were able to deliver quite complex events with several elements all showing on screen simultaneously. The audio-visual quality was excellent, and our audiences were delighted that these events could still go ahead, in spite of Covid. The author in question was really pleased that he could join us on screen and remarked that he had not been so well supported in this way at any other festival.

Fiona Ritchie   |   Birnam Book Festival 2022

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